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Niteye flashlight

Flashlight Review – Niteye KO-01 First Impressions

NITEYE-K0-01Niteye have recently released a series of brand new LED flashlights, so we’re going to take a closer look at one of the standouts: The Niteye KO-01. Among the new entries the KO-01 fits the role of the slim styled light with a brutally powerful 1080 lumen beam. This flashlight review will outline the overall pros and cons of this new light, based on the light’s specifications and our initial impressions. We’re putting the KO-01 on the chopping block, so is it going to make the cut?

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Prepare for Joaquin With Fenix

It appears that hurricane season has begun on the East Coast and the name Joaquin hasn’t appeared in the news this much since “Her” was nominated for Best Picture. With a performance by  (Hurricane) Joaquin coming to a city near you, what better way to prepare for him than with a selection of Fenix products.  No need to “Walk The Line” of safety; you can never be too prepared for a natural disaster. According to, meteorologists are predicting that the hurricane could make landfall in New England any time between this coming Sunday and Wednesday and the forecast of 85 MPH winds and torrential rains is more than enough to knock down power lines and leave your household in the dark . When that time comes, you’ll want to make sure you have the fiery shine of a Fenix flashlight.

Joaquin is not merciful.

Start your Joaquin preparations with a flashlight that can help you weather the weather conditions he’ll bring; the Fenix TK15C Waterproof LED Flashlight. This powerful illuminator is able to maintain its maximum output of 450 Lumens for about the run time of the movie Gladiator (2.5 hours) and boasts a peak throw distance of 200 meters, nothing will be out of sight even if the street lights go out. The TK15C also features 2 less intense brightness settings to help you see around the house, as well as a strobe function and red and green LED settings that could be used as eye-catching signals in the event of an emergency. The flashlight is not just useful in such weather; it is prepared for hurricane conditions, made of hard-anodized aluminum resistant to impact damage and waterproof up to 2 meters underwater. The TK15C is definitely a good first step in your Joaquin preparations.


Swing away, Joaquin. We’re ready.

While the TK15C is a good starting point to your Joaquin preparations, there may come a time when your hands are full, whether you be swinging away at an alien intruder, or more likely fixing something in your basement or carrying supplies, and you don’t have anyone to shine a light for you. Time to check out the Fenix HL55 LED Headlamp, all the power you’ll need in a durable design. Like its TK15C cousin, the HL55 is made from hard-anodized aluminum be submerged under 2 meters of water for up to 30 minutes, so it won’t fall victim to the elements easily. With four different constant brightness settings this headlamp can provide the light needed for any situation, whether it be in close quarters or out in the yard, and even features a “Burst” setting that will momentarily provide you with 900 Lumens of illumination to either signal someone or just to get a better view. Joaquin can sure be a handful, but with the HL55 , you’ll have your hands-free for whatever he throws at you.

Don't let Lucius Hunt (The Village) fool you, electricity is a good thing.
Don’t let Lucius Hunt (Phoenix in “The Village”) fool you, electricity is a good thing.

While these lights are going to be a valuable resource to you during Joaquin’s performance, they won’t be very useful without a way to power them. Luckily, both of these flashlights can be powered by the Fenix 18650 3.6V Lithium-Ion Battery, a rechargeable battery that packs quite a punch. The battery is able to store an amazing 2300 mAh of power, enough to ride out the hurricane with plenty of use from your flashlights. And while you’re at it, you might as well pick yourself up a Fenix ARE-C2 Multi-Charger to keep those batteries charged and your flashlights useful long after Joaquin passes.


Whether or not we expected him to appear, Joaquin is on his way and he’ll surely be as dramatic as always. Ready yourself for his latest production by going full Fenix in your preparations.

energizer recharge AAA

Haikus to Recharge the Heart

I broke my first flashlight at 13. It was a compact maglite, built to keep me safe during the scout jamborees and band camp. It sat in my pocket as a lightweight reminder that I was prepared.

Prepared to fight a burglar.

Prepared to fix the circuit breaker in a black out.

Prepared to kill a spider in my sister’s bedroom during the blackout that crawled up her arm before being flung across the bedspread.

But before the end of the second week, my batteries were dead. In the crux of my newly born passion for flashlights, my energy source had been sucked dry. With no means of making it to the store, I asked my mother for more money.
“One small investment,” I pleaded. “It WILL make the difference between OUR safety or OUR sorrow.”
I pronounced each word carefully, straining to find the right angle to help her see the light. She looked at me expressionless, soaking in my junior sales pitch with no inclination to lean one way or the other. Rubbing the ball of her foot into the hard tile, she waited for me to finish my lecture on the importance of  rechargeable batteries, and how they would save us millions.  As I concluded, she reached into her faded blue jeans and produced a folded piece of paper from a yellow legal pad.

“You make some great points,” she agreed. “But batteries don’t grow on trees.”
She handed me the folded paper, and launched a campaign of her own. She didn’t have to explain that rechargeable batteries were expensive. She didn’t have to explain that pennies saved are pennies more sweetly earned.  She merely created a lane and asked me to stay in it. She was shining a light of her own.
So I worked, and began saving for a four pack of AAA batteries for my Mini Maglite. After one month, and some extra chores, I had enough for some batteries. By the end of the second month, I had bought another pack of AAA, a new mini-flashlight, and a charger for my batteries. Thanks to a lucrative packed lunch and canned soda business during lunch hours, I was making a killing. Now, more than a decade later, I own more flashlights than I will ever need. My battery supply is plentiful, and I will never need to worry about running out again.

And I paid for it all with MY sweat. MY tiny tan hands swept, wiped, and dragged garbage to the light.

Sweet, LED light.

In gentle reverence to the noble battery, I offer up several haiku poems from my private collection. Enjoy.

Selections from General LuPont’s Batteries over Broadway: A Celebration of Energy

Batteries, I think
power life-forces mad quick
but it never lasts.

They breathe life in two
AA, AAA, give
whole circuits thrive

They dance gingerly
The acid corrodes their stage
Soon it shines no more

Battery sits caged
Plastic cartons won’t protect

Flashlight Fantasy Draft 2015

Which Flashlight will earn the most points?

fantasy-flashlight-draftWe’re getting geared up and powered on for football season, and along with it one of our favorite pre-season activities: fantasy drafting! Combining love of the game with statistics and management, there is no better way to invest yourself into the season then taking part in a fantasy league. But how could we possibly enjoy this event even more? How could we optimize our play and combine all of our favorite things in to one glorious mess of pigskin, projected statistics and LED flashlights? You guessed it, this is the first annual Flashlight Fantasy Draft.

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What’s in my pocket? Randy Soto Edition

Randy's pockets
Here’s what Randy keeps in his pockets.

So we’ve started a segment called “What’s in my pocket?”, and I figured I’d let you guys and gals in on what I keep on me everyday. Being that I now consider myself a flashaholic, I just don’t keep lights on my persons. It ranges from keys, wallet, my phone, my watch, a cool looking paracord bracelet, a SOG pocket knife, and my new Olight M23 Javelot. Peep into my every day, as I dump everything out.

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JETBeam C8 and July 4th Fireworks

What better way to celebrate July 4th weekend than with some backyard fireworks!

Luckily I had my JETBeam C8 Flashlight on hand to help light up the way.  In order to put on a good show for my friends and family I needed the perfect setup.  As we finished up dinner and daylight quickly disappeared I knew it was time to bring out the fireworks.  I happily whipped out my JETBeam C8 and switched it to the 75 lumen “Low” mode since there was still some light left in the sky.  This was perfect for unwrapping the fireworks on the deck and walking them over to the backyard.

In a matter of minutes it was completely dark outside so I knew I needed to kick it up a notch. Now it was really time to show off the power of the JETBeam C8 Flashlight.  I skipped right over the 260 lumen “Mid” mode and switched to the mind blowing 1,000 lumen “High” mode.  I aimed the C8 at the fireworks where I had my brother-in-law helping me set them up (see picture below).  As soon as I switched to the 1,000 lumens my brother-in-law yelled out “Holy cow!“…He’s never seen a flashlight produce that much high quality light before.

Setting up 4th of July Fireworks with the help of the JETBeam C8.

In fact, everyone that was at my house was in complete shock of the overwhelming power that this compact flashlight was capable of.  It made setting up the fireworks (which is generally a very tedious project) more enjoyable than ever.  Normally I would have just used my cell phone light or a dinky flashlight but now that I have experienced the pure quality and high performance of the JETBeam C8, there’s no going back.  This all purpose flashlight provides you with an incredible lighting experience that cannot be out done.

Surprisingly after the firework show was over my friends and family were asking to try out the flashlight for themselves.  I showed them all 3 output modes as well as the strobe mode.  They were shining the beam on the trees, the wood pile, the swing set, the picnic table and anything else that was submerged in darkness.  I’ve never seen a bunch of adults get so excited over a flashlight before.  At least I won’t be struggling to come up with birthday gift ideas in the near future.  This flashlight will do just the trick.  The convenience, affordability and versatility makes the JETBeam C8 perfect for any type of situation.

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