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Jetbeam 3M Pro – Quick Look from Battery Junction

The new Jetbeam 3M Pro is a great buy for those looking for a quality tactical flashlight on a budget. The new version of the 3M features a retro finish or matte black finish and comes with a holster, pocket clip, lanyard, rubber tail cap, and spare O-rings. The 3M boasts dual turbo light outputs, as well as a high, medium, low, eco, and strobe mode making it perfect for any level of lighting. At $69 for the matte black and $84.45 for the retro finish this 3M is a great tactical light at an affordable price point. Jetbeam 3M Pro


Tactical LED Shoutout: Klarus XT11S

Klarus XT11S LED Flashlight
Klarus XT11S

We’ve had our eyes on the Klarus XT11S and the XT series for a while, and the latest edition is making a big splash with its massive LED output and tactical style operation. An all around improvement from previous XT11 models, the XT11S combines the best features of the previous generation with some fresh new ideas that take tactical lighting to the next level! So take a look with us at the newest iteration of a classic tactical LED flashlight. Read More

jason mask

Friday the 13th Survival Guide

JASON-MASKNothing ruins a nice relaxing trip to Camp Crystal Lake on Friday the 13th like the abrupt intrusion of that hulking wall of undead flesh known as Jason Voorhees. That hockey mask wearing hooligan has been ruining everyone’s fun for years, and here at Battery Junction we think it’s about time to put that masked meat-bag down for good. If we’re gonna survive his unstoppable onslaught, we’re gonna have to get to know our enemy.

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Niteye flashlight

Flashlight Review – Niteye KO-01 First Impressions

NITEYE-K0-01Niteye have recently released a series of brand new LED flashlights, so we’re going to take a closer look at one of the standouts: The Niteye KO-01. Among the new entries the KO-01 fits the role of the slim styled light with a brutally powerful 1080 lumen beam. This flashlight review will outline the overall pros and cons of this new light, based on the light’s specifications and our initial impressions. We’re putting the KO-01 on the chopping block, so is it going to make the cut?

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Flashlight Fantasy Draft 2015

Which Flashlight will earn the most points?

fantasy-flashlight-draftWe’re getting geared up and powered on for football season, and along with it one of our favorite pre-season activities: fantasy drafting! Combining love of the game with statistics and management, there is no better way to invest yourself into the season then taking part in a fantasy league. But how could we possibly enjoy this event even more? How could we optimize our play and combine all of our favorite things in to one glorious mess of pigskin, projected statistics and LED flashlights? You guessed it, this is the first annual Flashlight Fantasy Draft.

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