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What’s in my pocket? EDC on display

IMG_5950 What do you call a man that has too many flashlights? Is there even such a thing? My personal EDC setup is what I consider the bare essentials, and if constantly carrying around 3 flashlights is wrong than I don’t want to be right. Stay a while and listen while I give a quick breakdown of things I stuff in to my pockets whenever I leave the house.

Wallet: For a wallet I carry a brown leather billfold. This baby doesn’t have a brand, no hidden pockets or straps, nothing but exactly what I need. Simple, efficient and timeless, this frayed up old piece of animal hide has served me well for years.

Phone: iPhone 6, what else? I recently made the switch from Android to iPhone, and while I honestly don’t prefer either one, the latest iPhone has everything I need in a smartphone. I keep the phone protected with a NiteIze clip case that I can attach to my belt or slip in to a pocket thanks to it’s slim design.

Knife: I just recently picked up a Kershaw Vapor 3, and just like a fish filet from Micky D’s I’m lovin it. Straight from the factory this fold-able slicer is razor sharp, and I really appreciate how light it feels in my pocket. Any rope, line or boxes I have encountered withe the Vapor 3 at my side never stood a chance.

On the key ring: Besides the keys I carry not 1 but 2 keychain lights (the more the merrier, right?). First up is the Titanium Innovations Illuminati, and unlike some shady secret society it is bright as all get out! It runs on a single AAA battery which I have never had to change and makes taking out the trash at night a breeze.

For my secondary key light I have the USB rechargeable Nitecore Tube. While the Tube doesn’t have the throwing power of the Illuminati it has a long lasting Li-Ion battery pack and weighs next to nothing! I use the Tube whenever I need to look at something up close in the dark like a sign or a circuit breaker.

EDC Flashlight: I’ve been carry the Olight S10R for months now, and nothing beats the portability and convenience of this thing. It’s almost as small as my keychain lights and tremendously powerful, bright enough to light up any of the wooded areas around my house. It comes with a handy charging station I keep at my desk and the built in magnetic tailcap lets me stick it to any metal surface in my work area. I Love that flashlight!

And that’s it, I’ve poured out my soul as well as the contents of my pockets. What do you carry with you every day? Please let us know in the comments!


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