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Black Cat Snarling

Make It Through the 13th: A Guide to Surviving This Frightening Friday

Broken Glass

It’s the end of the week, and while Fridays usually bring relief and joy, we find ourselves avoiding the cracks in the sidewalk and steering clear of dark colored felines. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen; we’ve Friday the 13th. While you haven’t necessarily succumbed to bad luck in previous years (knock on wood), it can’t hurt to plan around the possible jinxes that seem to be particularly present on this most unlucky of days, and Battery Junction is here to help you with your preparations.

Avoiding Black Cats:

black-catThese pesky hex machines are a prominent symbol for misfortune on any given day of the year, so encountering one on this particular date can only amplify the chances of receiving 13 years of bad luck. While you’re able to put your house on black cat lock-down, you won’t have the same environmental control once you step out into the outside world, so you’ll need something more mobile than walls to keep them from crossing your path. What better repellent is there to keep the cats at bay than their seemingly sworn enemy, man’s best friend. Keep a dog close to your side, which can be easily done with the help of a proper leash, and your path will stay clear of any unlucky felines.


Umbrellas Aren’t Worth The Risk:

Open-Umbrella-in-House-grey2001-300x233If it’s raining on your Friday the 13th, then you may already feel like bad luck has found you, but don’t let it trick you! All the rain is doing is prompting you to use one of most potentially unlucky objects out there; an umbrella. This seemingly innocent device may keep your head dry, but has the potential to cause a severe depletion in luck when opened inside and is just not worth the risk on this unluckiest of days. Sure, you may tell yourself that you’ll remember not to open it until you walk out the door, but all it takes is one distraction while you’re leaving and BOOM, you earn yourself an unhealthy dose of hexes. Keep yourself dry with a nice waterproof poncho, or better yet, just say inside; there could be black cats out there anyway.

Steer Clear of Hazardous Mirrors:

broken-mirrorSure, you’ve had that mirror in your bathroom since you’ve moved in and you’ve never come close to breaking it before. Well unfortunately, bad luck doesn’t check your track record of maintaining your reflective surfaces. It’s Friday the 13th, should checking to see if your hair looks good really your top priority? Be confident in your own appearance, or at least accept that approaching something so fragile on a day like today isn’t worth the potential 7 years of bad luck. If you truly find yourself in need of gazing upon your own beauty, at least use a nearly unbreakable mirror to lower your risk of jinxing yourself.

Be Ready For The Unexpected:

friday-the-13th-jason-voorheesFor 363 days of the year, we can all be fairly confident that a masked man wielding some form of bloody cutlery won’t be a major concern. However, from what horror cinema has taught us, today (along with Halloween) is the day where that sense of safety and doubt of the supernatural may cost us our lives. Don’t let your common sense lure you into a false sense of security; anybody wearing a hockey mask isn’t worth approaching. Just because you don’t live near Camp Crystal Lake doesn’t mean you’re safe (Jason somehow made into a spaceship, he can certainly make it to your front door). If you do unluckily stumble across a masked man wielding a long knife, make sure you’re evenly matched by carrying a machete of your own. With the proper equipment, you may just survive this Friday the 13th in one extremely paranoid piece.

Gearing Up For Spring – A Guide to Your First Day of Warm Weather

Well, it’s that time of year again. The snow has melted, the grass is growing, and it’s beginning to stay consistently warm enough to venture outside without a winter coat and gloves. Now that it is finally becoming bearable to stay outside longer than the walk from your car to your doorstep, preparations need to made for the inevitable outdoor activities. We’ve saved you some trouble by compiling a list of recreational essentials to ensure you are ready for a full day of play, from sunrise to sunset.


Dawn_-_swifts_creek02Rise and shine! It’s been a while since you’ve been outside at this time of day, or at least outside voluntarily for longer than 90 seconds.  The sun is shining and you realize you forgot just how bright the sun is at this hour. You’d planned to go for an early morning bike ride or hike, but you won’t get far doing either if you can’t keep your eyes open wider than a squint.  Instead of remaining stationary until your eyes can adjust to this Spring Sun, pick yourself up a pair of Wiley X Guard Sunglasses. Designed for high velocity protection, this stylish eyewear can ensure the wear and tear of any outdoor activity. These glasses are even available with changeable lenses to better fit your need to dull the Sun’s rays.



Mid Day:


You did it! You completed your first attempt at outdoor exercise of the calendar year. Now that you’ve reached the top of your mountain or the end of your trail, its time for a well earned meal under the warm sun to refuel for the venture back. Unless you wore a pair of cargo pants with pockets fully stocked, you’ll probably need a backpack  like the Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon-II Backpack to help you transport your sustenance.  Compact and lightweight, this comfortable pack comes with a number of secure and breathable straps that make it easy to carry, no matter what the activity. But don’t let it’s pygmy size fool you; this pack features over 10 sizable pouches and pockets to hold all the food and fixings you’ll need for your victory meal. You won’t have trouble staying hydrating either, as the backpack even features 2 water bottle pouches that can each hold a 1L Nalgene bottle!


Finally! You made it back just in time to see the sun fading over the horizon. While the trek home was less strenuous than the initial expedition, your legs are certainly tired from the constant exertion. But the day (or night at this point) is still young; you have of time to squeeze in a few more activities before this beautiful first day of Spring is over. With the sun nearly gone, it seems like it would be difficult to fit in another outdoor activity, but not with Nite Ize’s FlashFlight Flying Discs and LED Disc Golf Discs. These durable discs use sophisticated LEDs to give off a luminous glow that make them clearly visible in the dead of night, so you’ll never lose track of them. Tossing a Frisbee with some friends or playing a few leisurely holes of Disc Golf will be the perfect way to unwind after such a full day of recreation, and with these discs you can play as late as you wish!

You’ve finally wrapped up your first day of Spring and it has been a smashing success! While your body may be sore, your heart feels content with the numerous outdoor activities you were finally able to do after months confined to your house. But don’t let soreness keep you inside longer than it has to; you have a bunch of new gear to use and a few seasons of warm weather to take advantage of!

Be My (Flashoholic) Valentine

We’re just two days until February 14th, in the eleventh hour before Valentine’s Day, and we’re all making our last minute preparations. While some people are searching for the last dozen roses in the county or dialing every restaurant that isn’t McDonald’s or Wendy’s looking for a dinner reservation, you seem to have everything together. You go down your checklist just to double check you have all your bases covered for this romantic holiday.

  • Flowers: Check
  • Chocolates: Check
  • Dinner Reservations: Check
  • Valentine’s Day Card: …

YOU FORGOT ABOUT THE VALENTINE’S DAY CARD! The cherry to top your sundae of sentimental expression! With no time to sneak out to the store, you are running low on options to complete your perfect Valentine’s package. No need to worry though, we have you covered.  Take yourself back to those middle school days handing out trading card-sized valentines to everyone you liked in your class and boost them with a few friendly flashlight and battery puns that we all (well some of us) can enjoy. If either you or your significant other are a flashlight enthusiast, we have a selection of “flasholohic” themed valentines that will definitely put a 1000 Lumen smile on their face.


SureFire E2D Defender Ultra LED Flashlight


Duracell Duralock AA Alkaline Battery


Efest LUC Blu6 Intelligent 6-Bay Bluetooth MultiCharger



Energizer Industrial AAA Alkaline Batteries



Olight R20 Javelot Flashlight



Titanium Innovations CR123A

If you can’t decide on a single card, save a copy of all 6 for 6 times the adoration! Print out this perfectly-sized 8.5″ x 11″ complete sheet of punny flashlight valentines to give to everyone who “lights up your life”.



” ‘Twas the Week Before Christmas “

‘Twas the week before Christmas and while most shopping was done

Some more gifts were required in order to cover everyone

With no time to spare the consumer gathered their thoughts

Of what presents would be cherished, what items should be bought.


“Dad needs a headlamp,” thought the consumer, “and a bike light for Mom.”

“Batteries for the kids’ gadgets and a good backpack for Tom”

But instead of braving the malls and stores that were packed

The consumer chose to shop online, “Battery Junction” to be exact.


With amazing deals on flashlights, batteries, chargers and gear,

The consumer could cover everything they needed for Christmas this year!

Just minutes into perusing the website’s collection of deals

What they found was more than a deal; it was a downright steal!


It was a Fenix Headlamp, its body durable and light

Its CREE LED produced  a beam that was far-reaching and bright.

“Dad will love this,” said the consumer, “for his camping trips and hikes.”

“But enough about Dad; time for Mom and her bike.”


Moving onto the Bike Lighting section, our consumer was able to find

A bike light for seeing what’s in front, and one for signalling those behind

“With both lights, Mom could ride her bike safely after the sun had set”

“But no time to gloat about these purchases; there are more presents to get!”


The consumer progressed to the Batteries section, and much to their joy,

The website carried every battery size needed to power the children’s new toys

They grabbed the batteries required, threw in a charger most proper,

And prepared to wrap up their time as an online shopper.


Last on the list was Tom, who needed a backpack that would last

On Dad’s crazy camping trips, like they’d gone on in the past.

So our consumer added a Pelican backpack to their order, and checked out with glee

Holiday shopping was over, they were finally free!


The consumer’s present puzzle was solved, thanks to Battery Junction’s holiday steals,

But they aren’t the only one who can still take advantage of these deals.

Take 15% off all orders starting midnight tonight,

Happy Holiday Deals to all, and to all a good Light!



Keep the (Flash)Lights On This Halloween

From the look of all the spooky decorations covering people’s yards, it appears to be that time of year again; Halloween. Pumpkins are acquiring faces, children (and adults) are acquiring costumes, and the scary movies that used to keep us up at night are being re-watched and frightening us all over again.  While we tell the younger generation there is no such thing as monsters, our ordinarily logical minds seem to have trouble this time of year avoiding thoughts that something is waiting for you in the shadows. Halloween has a knack for temporarily sparking fears we thought had been long extinguished,  and while we are aware there’s most likely not an evil entity waiting on the poorly lit path between your car and your house, that certainly doesn’t stop us from getting some exercise along the way by sprinting to the front door. In any case, whether you are out Trick-or-Treating with family, searching the basement for an old costume, or going on a late night walk through the woods, it can never hurt to have a little extra light at hand when things get spooky.

It’s OK, we all have a little Nyctophobia

Watching the leaves change can be a great activity this Autumn, so great that you might lose track of time. As the sun sets and that forest of beautiful reds, oranges and browns turns black and ominous, make sure you have a reliable light bright enough to find your way back like the Fenix FD40 LED Flashlight. With a maximum throw distance of 300 meters, nothing can escape the 1000 Lumen brightness (as you can see below) of this powerful illuminator . You can light your way back to civilization assured there is nothing malevolent waiting for you along your path, but on the off chance Michael Myers  or the Wolfman cross your path, you can use the FD40’s disorienting Strobe function to blind them long enough to get away, making yourself far more competent than the average horror flick victim.


1000 Lumens does wonders to the level of spookiness.

Now it’s the kids’ turn to brave the night. The act of Trick-or-Treating is composed of every yearning you have as a child; the ability to wear a bizarre outfit of your own choosing, the acquisition of sugary sweets, and the temporary liberation from their parents’ supervision as you walk from house to house.  While candy and costumes aren’t much to worry about, most streets in rural or suburban areas aren’t lit at night and might require some extra illumination in order to navigate to the next house. To keep your trick-or-treaters’ eyes on the road, we suggest partnering them with the Fenix UC40 LED Flashlight, a lightweight and convenient carry for any trick-or-treater this Halloween. This Lithium Ion-powered flashlight can be charged internally using the USB charging port located on the tailcap and is able to run for up to 7 hours on its high setting of 140 Lumens, more than bright enough to guide your way to the next sugar source.  (An added bonus if your child is dressing up as a Jedi; the UC40 looks strikingly similar to a lightsaber.)

“Luke, use the Turbo Mode.”

Now that the kids are out indulging in the festivities, it’s time to dust off that old copy of “The Exorcist” you have in the basement and celebrate the horror holiday your own way. But oh no! Your basement light is out! Your life is slowly beginning to follow the plot to a cliché slasher flick and although you must be the hero and brave the potentially haunted cellar for your prize, don’t make the same mistake as the movie character and bring a reliable flashlight. Equip yourself with the UST Brightforce LED Flashlight, a reliable every day light that you can run on ordinary AA batteries. The flashlight’s beam is able to focused from narrow to wide so you can get a broader view of your surroundings, giving any potential ghosts and ghouls fewer places to hide. The Brightforce even comes with a non-slip silicone sleeve so even if you lose your grip and get a little scared, you’ll at least have a grip on your flashlight.


Everything is creepier in the dark. Thanks a lot, imagination.

Of course we know Dracula isn’t real. Of course that rustling in the bushes was probably just a squirrel and not a brains-famished zombie. Of course you’re more likely to find an old high school yearbook in the attic than Frankenstein’s Monster. That being said, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a bright, reliable flashlight at your side to make sure you’re never left questioning yourself in the dark this Halloween.

Prepare for Joaquin With Fenix

It appears that hurricane season has begun on the East Coast and the name Joaquin hasn’t appeared in the news this much since “Her” was nominated for Best Picture. With a performance by  (Hurricane) Joaquin coming to a city near you, what better way to prepare for him than with a selection of Fenix products.  No need to “Walk The Line” of safety; you can never be too prepared for a natural disaster. According to, meteorologists are predicting that the hurricane could make landfall in New England any time between this coming Sunday and Wednesday and the forecast of 85 MPH winds and torrential rains is more than enough to knock down power lines and leave your household in the dark . When that time comes, you’ll want to make sure you have the fiery shine of a Fenix flashlight.

Joaquin is not merciful.

Start your Joaquin preparations with a flashlight that can help you weather the weather conditions he’ll bring; the Fenix TK15C Waterproof LED Flashlight. This powerful illuminator is able to maintain its maximum output of 450 Lumens for about the run time of the movie Gladiator (2.5 hours) and boasts a peak throw distance of 200 meters, nothing will be out of sight even if the street lights go out. The TK15C also features 2 less intense brightness settings to help you see around the house, as well as a strobe function and red and green LED settings that could be used as eye-catching signals in the event of an emergency. The flashlight is not just useful in such weather; it is prepared for hurricane conditions, made of hard-anodized aluminum resistant to impact damage and waterproof up to 2 meters underwater. The TK15C is definitely a good first step in your Joaquin preparations.


Swing away, Joaquin. We’re ready.

While the TK15C is a good starting point to your Joaquin preparations, there may come a time when your hands are full, whether you be swinging away at an alien intruder, or more likely fixing something in your basement or carrying supplies, and you don’t have anyone to shine a light for you. Time to check out the Fenix HL55 LED Headlamp, all the power you’ll need in a durable design. Like its TK15C cousin, the HL55 is made from hard-anodized aluminum be submerged under 2 meters of water for up to 30 minutes, so it won’t fall victim to the elements easily. With four different constant brightness settings this headlamp can provide the light needed for any situation, whether it be in close quarters or out in the yard, and even features a “Burst” setting that will momentarily provide you with 900 Lumens of illumination to either signal someone or just to get a better view. Joaquin can sure be a handful, but with the HL55 , you’ll have your hands-free for whatever he throws at you.

Don't let Lucius Hunt (The Village) fool you, electricity is a good thing.
Don’t let Lucius Hunt (Phoenix in “The Village”) fool you, electricity is a good thing.

While these lights are going to be a valuable resource to you during Joaquin’s performance, they won’t be very useful without a way to power them. Luckily, both of these flashlights can be powered by the Fenix 18650 3.6V Lithium-Ion Battery, a rechargeable battery that packs quite a punch. The battery is able to store an amazing 2300 mAh of power, enough to ride out the hurricane with plenty of use from your flashlights. And while you’re at it, you might as well pick yourself up a Fenix ARE-C2 Multi-Charger to keep those batteries charged and your flashlights useful long after Joaquin passes.


Whether or not we expected him to appear, Joaquin is on his way and he’ll surely be as dramatic as always. Ready yourself for his latest production by going full Fenix in your preparations.