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Upgrading your Mini Maglite

Mini-MagliteThese days compact LED flashlights are taking over as many people’s primary EDC, but back in the day the Maglite was where it was at. They were big, bright for their time and it just felt good having a hefty baton that could easily double as a self defense tool in your hand. And while the Maglite brand has moved on and released LED versions of their most popular models, wouldn’t it be nice to upgrade you old faithful flashlight? Well now you can!

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S Series Rechargeables

efest-18350-imr-battery-2pack-650x650 Here at Battery Junction we tend to get a little obsessive about flashlights, including everything from new products to old favorites. So when Olight let us know that they were releasing all new rechargeable versions of their S series flashlights we practically lost our minds with excitement! Lets check out the brand new features that Olight has added to these classic every day carries.

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