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Flashlight Safety Features

url_41Hello Again, Readers!
We’re back again with another peek at our Flashlight Glossary! This time we will be looking at some important flashlight safety features and standards that are commonly found in high end LED devices. When picking out a new flashlight it can be helpful to know more about what makes it safe and what sort of conditions the light can be used in. Let’s get to it!

A series of industry standards for testing and representing the performance of LED flashlights. Regulated by the American National Standards Institute in association with the National Electrical Manufacturers association. If the flashlight you are looking at is not ANSI rated, there is a good chance that its specifications may not be entirely accurate.

The front portion of a flashlight that typically forms a ring around the lens. They are commonly made of metal to provide protection for the glass. Bezels can come crenelated for self-defense purposes.

Hard Anodized
Hard anodized aluminum is aluminum that has been oxidized, which makes it highly resistant to scratches and corrosion. The majority of high end LED flashlights are built out of aircraft grade, hard anodized aluminum.

Impact Resistance
Most LED flashlights are fairly impact resistant, and are generally rated to be dropped several meters without damage. Many factors play in to the overall impact resistance and include the weight of the body, quality of the solid state LED and the physical design of the light.

IPX (International Protection Rating) designates the level of water resistance a flashlight has. Rating range from 0 to 8, non-protected to fully submersible respectively. Check out our handy guide to IPX ratings here!

That is all for now! Be sure to stop by the glossary for more information, and keep an eye out for future posts!

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