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What is Color Temperature?

If you find yourself browsing information about high powered LED flashlights, you may come across a statistic known as color temperature. What is that all about?

Let’s find out!




Color temperature refers to the hue of the light. The differences are usually minor, but do slightly affect the output and the color range of the area that is lit up.

Typically an LED flashlight will fall under the ‘Cool White‘ category, ranging around 5000 Kelvin on the color temperature scale. Cool white is the standard color temperature of LED flashlights, and unless otherwise stated it is safe to assume that most lights use this. A cool white light is generally perceived as a bit brighter than its warm counterpart, but tends to wash out some of the natural color in exchange for the bright white beam.

Certain LEDs are designed to emit a warmer color (tinted reddish yellow) that falls around 3000 Kelvin. LEDs that emit a warmer light are referred to as ‘Neutral White‘, and purposely replicate the color of older incandescent flashlights. Certain lights come available as neutral white for several reasons, including increased color range for photography, and the familiarity of the color hue to former users of incandescent bulbs.

There you have it, a quick look at how color temperature effects the performance of LED flashlights!

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