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Quick Look at IMR Rechargeable Batteries

efest-18350-imr-battery-2pack-650x650Picking the right battery for your electronic cigarette or vaporizer can be a real chore. Each battery has unique chemistry, protection and sizing specification that it can be hard to tell if you’ve got the right battery, or even a safe one! Today we will take a quick look at the popular IMR battery chemistry and its benefits.

The first thing to know about IMR chemistry batteries is that currently they are considered among the safest possible options for powering electronic cigarettes and vaporizer devices. The safety of these batteries stem from the highly stable chemistry (far more stable than standard Li-Ion batteries that require a protection circuit). To better understand what it means to be an IMR battery, let’s break down the acronym:

I = Represents the Lithium Ion battery type

M = Stands for the Manganese Oxide Cathode, the chemistry specific to IMR batteries

R = Round type cell – this represents the basic shape of the cell

The key feature of this battery is that the LiMn2O4 (Lithium Manganese Oxide) chemistry is in fact so stable that it does not even require the protection circuitry commonly found in other Lithium-Ion cells (typically LiCoO2). IMR batteries cannot be overcharged, and therefore are incredibly resistant to surprise voltage fluctuations which would cause a normal unprotected cell to fail.

And there you have it! Simply put IMR batteries are currently the safest and most reliable way to enjoy E-cig and Vaping.

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