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What is an LED?

Greetings, Readers!
The world of LED flashlights is filled with some unique vocabulary that can be confusing to outsiders and newcomers. In an effort to spread the joy of knowledge about one of our favorite topics we will be going over some basic terms and introducing the Battery Junction Flashlight Glossary.


Today we aim to answer the question: “What is an LED?”




A Light Emitting Diode is the primary light source for higher end flashlights. LEDs can convert electricity in to a stunning amount of light and are incredibly efficient. They are solid state technology (no moving parts) so malfunctions are rare, and they have remarkably long running life spans.

Bin –

A Bin number refers to a subset of a batch of LEDs. During LED production there is always variation within a batch, and each variation is sorted (in to actual bins) and categorized according to their performance or unique aspects.

Cree –

Cree is a major manufacturer of LEDs and a multinational company based out of Durham, North Carolina. They create the majority of LEDs used in high end flashlights but do not make flashlights themselves.

Color Temperature –

The color temperature of a flashlight refers to the hue of the light, and is measured in kelvin. A color temperature of over 5,000 kelvin is a ‘cool’ bluish white, while lower than 3,000 are ‘warm’ yellowish to red.


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