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Keep the (Flash)Lights On This Halloween

From the look of all the spooky decorations covering people’s yards, it appears to be that time of year again; Halloween. Pumpkins are acquiring faces, children (and adults) are acquiring costumes, and the scary movies that used to keep us up at night are being re-watched and frightening us all over again.  While we tell the younger generation there is no such thing as monsters, our ordinarily logical minds seem to have trouble this time of year avoiding thoughts that something is waiting for you in the shadows. Halloween has a knack for temporarily sparking fears we thought had been long extinguished,  and while we are aware there’s most likely not an evil entity waiting on the poorly lit path between your car and your house, that certainly doesn’t stop us from getting some exercise along the way by sprinting to the front door. In any case, whether you are out Trick-or-Treating with family, searching the basement for an old costume, or going on a late night walk through the woods, it can never hurt to have a little extra light at hand when things get spooky.

It’s OK, we all have a little Nyctophobia

Watching the leaves change can be a great activity this Autumn, so great that you might lose track of time. As the sun sets and that forest of beautiful reds, oranges and browns turns black and ominous, make sure you have a reliable light bright enough to find your way back like the Fenix FD40 LED Flashlight. With a maximum throw distance of 300 meters, nothing can escape the 1000 Lumen brightness (as you can see below) of this powerful illuminator . You can light your way back to civilization assured there is nothing malevolent waiting for you along your path, but on the off chance Michael Myers  or the Wolfman cross your path, you can use the FD40’s disorienting Strobe function to blind them long enough to get away, making yourself far more competent than the average horror flick victim.


1000 Lumens does wonders to the level of spookiness.

Now it’s the kids’ turn to brave the night. The act of Trick-or-Treating is composed of every yearning you have as a child; the ability to wear a bizarre outfit of your own choosing, the acquisition of sugary sweets, and the temporary liberation from their parents’ supervision as you walk from house to house.  While candy and costumes aren’t much to worry about, most streets in rural or suburban areas aren’t lit at night and might require some extra illumination in order to navigate to the next house. To keep your trick-or-treaters’ eyes on the road, we suggest partnering them with the Fenix UC40 LED Flashlight, a lightweight and convenient carry for any trick-or-treater this Halloween. This Lithium Ion-powered flashlight can be charged internally using the USB charging port located on the tailcap and is able to run for up to 7 hours on its high setting of 140 Lumens, more than bright enough to guide your way to the next sugar source.  (An added bonus if your child is dressing up as a Jedi; the UC40 looks strikingly similar to a lightsaber.)

“Luke, use the Turbo Mode.”

Now that the kids are out indulging in the festivities, it’s time to dust off that old copy of “The Exorcist” you have in the basement and celebrate the horror holiday your own way. But oh no! Your basement light is out! Your life is slowly beginning to follow the plot to a cliché slasher flick and although you must be the hero and brave the potentially haunted cellar for your prize, don’t make the same mistake as the movie character and bring a reliable flashlight. Equip yourself with the UST Brightforce LED Flashlight, a reliable every day light that you can run on ordinary AA batteries. The flashlight’s beam is able to focused from narrow to wide so you can get a broader view of your surroundings, giving any potential ghosts and ghouls fewer places to hide. The Brightforce even comes with a non-slip silicone sleeve so even if you lose your grip and get a little scared, you’ll at least have a grip on your flashlight.


Everything is creepier in the dark. Thanks a lot, imagination.

Of course we know Dracula isn’t real. Of course that rustling in the bushes was probably just a squirrel and not a brains-famished zombie. Of course you’re more likely to find an old high school yearbook in the attic than Frankenstein’s Monster. That being said, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a bright, reliable flashlight at your side to make sure you’re never left questioning yourself in the dark this Halloween.

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