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How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

fear-the-walking-deadIn honor of the new series, Fear the Walking Dead, I thought it would be suitable to write Zombie Apocalypse survival guide for our readers – How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse. sells a plethora of flashlights, batteries, survival gear and cutlery – all of which would be extremely helpful during such a time of crisis. Check out the list below and add your suggestions and ideas in the comments!


1. You Need a Weaponsog-knife
We all know that the only way to eliminate a zombie is to destroy its brain. That being said, the first weapon that probably comes to mind is a gun (or if you are a Walking Dead fan, then a crossbow.) Unfortunately, guns and crossbows require good aim. If you are anything like me, I would probably panic if a zombie is running towards me, therefore eliminating any aiming skills I may have acquired at the shooting range, thus leaving me with a bullet-less hunk of metal. (This is one of the many reasons why I don’t currently own a gun – I know my limits.) So for this reason, I would suggest a fixed pocket knife. Sure you have to get closer to the zombie in order to destroy the brain, but it is effective and reusable. Plus it is quiet! Remember, zombies are attracted to noise. So when you are stabbing the gruesome monster in the eye socket, please refrain from letting out a Serena Williams-esk shout. My knife of choice is the SOG Fixation Bowie Fixed Blade Knife. This knife has a bad-ass 7-inch-long blade with clip point and a really sleek-looking black finish. The knife was developed by SOG with military experts so you know it will last through a zombie apocalypse. The stainless steel construction is incredible durable and it even comes with a nylon sheath for when you aren’t saving your loved ones’ lives. To clarify though, in most cases, I think the best solution is to run. Unless the zombies are from World War Z and can run, you should be able to get away…

led-lenser-h72. You Need to be Able to See
For whatever reason, zombie apocalypses always seem to start at nighttime. Yes, I know zombies are not vampires – they can wander during the day without fear of being disintegrated by the sun(or twinkling – any Twilight fans out there?) But when the power grid goes out, because it’s bound to happen, you need to have a reliable tool to help you see at night. In my opinion, I think a headlamp would be the best choice for a situation like this. Your hands need to be free at all times so that you can fight off a zombie attack if necessary. You may also have to climb over fallen furniture, trees, cars, you name it so the hands-free way is, in my opinion, the way to go. My headlamp of choice is the LED Lenser H7.2. The light is pretty bright at 250 lumens and it features an adjustable head strap that fits most and is comfortable for long periods of time. Another important feature is runtime. When in Low mode, the headlamp can last up to 30 hours. Zombie apocalypses typically last for many many days, weeks or even years. You need a flashlight on which you can rely. Most importantly, this headlamp runs on four AAA alkaline batteries. There is no electricity when the zombies attack. You need to make sure you have a light that runs on primary batteries. Speaking of batteries…

3. You Need Power
Sure you may have chosen a sweet headlamp for when you are running through the woods, but you have to make sure that you have a way to power that bad-boy after the 30 hours are up. Thus you need to stock up on reliable and long-lasting batteries. If you are planning on hunkering down in your house and trying to wait out the way, I would suggest buying batteries in bulk. Check out this box of 144 Durcell Duralock AAA batteries. If you were to buy this box and power your headlamp in low mode only, these batteries could last you approximately 45 days. Surely someone will come rescue you in that amount of time, right? Don’t forget to stock a variety of sizes though. You never know when you might stumble upon a working C-cell flashlight from your fallen neighbors. You will also need a way to power that radio, those walkie talkies…

4. You Need a Way to NavigateUST-20-295-345-N18
Ok so when the zombies take over your home and you are forced out into the nearby forest, it will happen – trust me, you will need a way to figure out where to go next. Since cell phone towers will down, you will have to return back to the non-tech times and use a compass. I would suggest using a UST Survival Compass Bracelet, which pairs a compass with a paracord bracelet for a two-in-one survival tool. The compass is pretty self-explanatory – it will show you what direction to walk in, but the paracord is a nifty little tool that may just come in handy. The bracelet unravels into 8 feet of cord that can be used in a wide variety of ways. Tease out the threads to create a fishing line or thread for sewing. The cord may also work tie up your crazy colleague who is trying to take control of camp and really just cannot be trusted anymore.

5. You Need Something to Carry Your Supplies
Survivors of a zombie apocalypse typically don’t stay in one place for too long. They are always in search of shelter and a place in which they can settle down and for this reason, they need to have a strong, heavy-duty pack that can withstand long treks and vicious zombie attacks. The Maxpedition Noatek S-Type Gearslinger is the perfect grab-and-go pack for storing you extra socks and underwear. This lightweight bag has multiple compartments for organizing all of your gear, including a side cinch pouch for a Nalgene. Speaking of water…

SteriPEN-Adventurer-Opti-UV-Water-Purifier6. You Need to Stay Hydrated
If that lake behind your house is full of dead zombie bodies, you may want to invest in a water treatment system to prevent becoming ill. The last thing you want to do while surviving a zombie apocalypse is die from poor water quality. That’s almost as bad as getting an infection from a small scrap. It’s just not fair. You’ve survived the zombie attacks, why would something so simple and inconspicuous do so much harm? So yes, you will have survived the scary dead people until they catch up to you because you are dry heaving in a corner somewhere. Yuck. So be prepared and make sure you have a SteriPEN Adventurer Opti UV Water Purifier. This nifty little device uses UV rays to purify water in an instant. You won’t be like Reese Witherspoon in “Wild,” who had to wait a few hours for her water to get clean, thus forcing her to interact with the creepy dudes that were following her – and fight them off and run for her life. Gross. With the SteriPEN water purifier, you’ll have clean drinking water in no time. Just remember the batteries. This device runs on CR123As – see why I said you need a variety of sizes?

7. You Need a Way to Travel
If you are near a large body of water, you may want to consider some form or boat or raft for travel and for avoiding the walking dead. Zombies cannot swim. They will walk until they cannot walk any further. If you are not a good runner or are incredibly clumsy in forested areas, water travel may be your best option. While we sell liferafts, this may only work as a temporary solution. These bad-boys weigh over 70 pounds, so they are not something you’d want to carry with you for long periods of time. If you live near a body of water, however, an 8-person raft would be a good choice. Though please remember to remain quiet as you don’t want to draw the zombies’ attention on the opposite shore or they will be waiting for you to arrive. If money is no object, I would suggest moving close to a pier and buying a yacht. When the zombie apocalypse hits, you can live out on the sea for a few months until things clear up. Just make sure your chef and the captain steer clear of any unusual characters and are available on a moment’s notice with food and supplies.

8. You Need Tweezersssliver-gripper
Why? Well because if you don’t carry them with you, then you will need them. You are running through the forest and you might graze your hand across an old tree. Sure enough you get a splinter. As we discussed earlier, if you are surviving a zombie apocalypse, you sure as hell don’t want to die from a splinter! A splinter?! I’m a fighter. I will do my best to fight back living dead. I will run until I cannot run any further. I will not back down. But a splinter – no pocket knife or gun is going to prevent mother nature from taking advantage of a stressed, underfed survivor. So do me a favor and pack some Sliver Gripper Tweezers in your survival bag. It will come in handy, trust me.

9. You Need Fire
It gets cold at night and for whatever reason, zombies seem to do the most harm at nighttime. Not only will fire keep you warm, but it is also necessary for cooking food or for boiling water, if you forgot to bring your SteriPEN with you. Sure there’s a way to get a fire going using sticks and rocks, but if you are looking for a sure thing, then I would suggest packing UST’s WetFire Tinder in your survival bag. The WetFire is a non-toxic fire starter that can burn even on wet surfaces! Need a way to light it? There is also the UST Strike Force Fire Starter, which is a flint-based system that generates sparks with ease.

Well there you have it. We’ve given you a list of products that will help you survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse. All of these items are available on-line at, along with dozens of other survival gear and accessories that may come in handy. The best piece of advice I can give you for out-living a zombie attack is to make sure you have good running shoes. Something with leather and a good sole should help you get through the worst of it. And if you are wearing high heels when the living dead come, kick those suckers off. No one is like Bryce Dallas Howard from Jurassic World! Oh and finally, I would propose that you move to a desolate island or in a low-population area that requires you to do all of your shopping on-line. This may be the best way to avoid having creepy dead-people knocking on your door.

Best of luck to you!

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