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What type of knife is best for me?

bowiefixedKnives are fascinating tools, because, appropriately enough, they have a dual nature in the fact that they are so straightforward, and yet they are so incredibly versatile. They are actually quite a complicated subject when you learn about them, but I will guide you through some relatively basic information about different types of knives and their characteristics. First off, there are two major categories of knives: folding and fixed. Both are equally interesting and valuable, but each has different uses depending upon your needs and your desires.

A fixed blade is a kind of knife that does not fold, and it often requires some sort of sheath because it is so sharp, for, since it does not close, the point is always exposed. Good quality sheaths are frequently composed of leather, but there are other materials available for your sheath, such as nylon and kydex. Fixed blades are commonly used as hunting knives and combat knives; these are especially utilized by military personnel. A great example of a fixed blade is a Bowie knife, which has been trusted and been loved by American users and users around the world for generations. There is a sense of great power and nobility in this knife that can be felt when it is held in the hand. Historically, the Bowie knife was used as a “fighting knife,” which meant that it was a common weapon chosen for old-time duels, as it could inflict significant damage on an opponent. The Bowie knife has a clip point, which is a second edge on the top of the knife’s blade that forms a curve and can be sharpened to create another surface for cutting or slicing. Cutting and slicing are this knife’s specialties, since it has such a masterfully precise edge, but it is really designed for a diverse array of applications. As one can see, fixed blade knives are formidable instruments that can inspire awe.

SOGfoldingA folding blade is very convenient as it can be packed up easily among your gear because the blade closes up, giving it a distinct advantage over a fixed blade knife in certain scenarios; a fixed blade perhaps would be harder to store among your equipment. A popular type of folding blade is the classic pocketknife, which can be used for many common tasks, including opening packaging, cutting through material like tape, paper, or cord, or as an aid during camping trips.

foldingknifeA folding knife can even be used for self-defense reasons, should the need arise. Folding blades are often carried by law enforcement as an alternative weapon in emergency situations. Folding knives also make a great carving knife, particularly for wood, as you can simply flick open the blade and start your project. A Bowie’s no carving knife in comparison, as it has a larger, thicker blade that may not be suited to finer, more delicate jobs. The folding blade: very utilitarian and practical. A wonderful general purpose work knife.


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