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First Look – Nitecore P10

IMG_2829Nitecore’s Precise Series is edging out its MH and MT models to become its most popular line. I recently took home a Nitecore P10 and had a good excuse to try out its various features. When my friend’s dog ran away after an impromptu fireworks show scared him from the group, it was time to take the 800 lumen gadget for a spin. I found myself cycling through modes a lot, dimming down the output as I approached neighbors’ houses so I wouldn’t wake up the block with a spotlight in a bedroom.  The dual tail-switch made that easy to do with my free hand as the other was waving treats in the air, hoping to bring Charlie dog home.  The 800 lumen high output from the smooth reflector was more than enough to brighten up the whole back yard and a good stretch down the road, while the 290 lumen medium and 40 lumen low were less intrusive outputs as I scanned the yards next door.

  P10 Low P10 Med P10 High

40 Lumen Low/290 Lumen Medium/800 Lumen High

(ISO 400, f/4, 1/40 sec.)

The mode switch can be pressed an held for an instant strobe activation, which doubles down on the crenelated bezel for a total self-defense package. If you don’t want to deal with cycling through outputs, you can hold the strobe switch and twist the bezel (loosen it, then tighten it again) to switch to law enforcement mode. In this mode, your light will only activate in its highest output, with strobe still a click away. Perform the twist procedure one more time, and you get a high/low/strobe mode, doing away with the sometimes unnecessary middle output. At under $60.00, the P10 offers tremendous bang for its buck. If you’re looking for added versatility, the RSW2 remote pressure switch and any one inch gun mount can be used to turn the P10 into a weapon light for your rifle or shotgun.   Nitecore’s Precise Series is quickly becoming its most popular line. I recently took home a P10 and had a good excuse to try out its various features. NITECORE-P10-XML2-WI-SPECS

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