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November 2015 Newsletter

The time has come; November is here and brings with it a perfect storm of gigantic sales the likes of which no one has ever seen before. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are set to converge to form a super-cell of savings, and in its midst is a hailstorm of hot new products. This month we’ve got big entries from some of the biggest names in LED flashlights: Nitecore, Klarus and Olight. Particularly of note are all of the great holiday edition flashlights that are sure to make great gifts or stocking-stuffers for your beloved flashaholic friends and relatives. So kick back, relax and prepare to weather this storm of great new deals from Battery Junction!
Nitecore Tiny Monster TM26GT Flashlight
The Nitecore TM26 is back and this time it’s not pulling any punches. This new version is the TM26GT, a throw focused hand-held searchlight that is pushing boundaries with an incredible 4000 lumen output and 704 meter beam distance! Using 4 individually-mounted CREE XP-L HI V3 LEDs, the TM26GT may be the most powerful hand-held light we’ve ever seen, and with its impressive output and throw we can’t wait to see it in the hands of serious flashlight enthusiasts, search and rescue teams and outdoorsmen.

Klarus AR10 Rechargeable Angle Light
If you’re looking for a light with great perspective, then this one’s got all the angles. The Klarus AR10 is a uniquely designed angle light that typically functions as a standard EDC style flashlight; However, the head of this light can be rotated a full 90 degrees. This features enables uers to easily set the light that can be set in place or clip it to clothing for hands-free, forward facing lighting power. On top of all that this, the light boasts a cutting-edge 1080 lumens of lighting power. With cutting edge power and so many ways to use it, we expect these to be a favorite among mechanics, inspectors and all of the fine folks that work with their hands.
Klarus TL1 USB Rechargeable Bike Light
When you’re cruising the mean streets on your 2-wheeled, man-powered motion machine you need someone to watch your back, and a dinky little reflector just isn’t going to cut it. The Klarus TL1 is a USB rechargeable tail light that fits securely at the back of any bicycle and provides 20 lumens of safety light in 6 different configurations. When riding at night, visibility is the key to keeping everyone on the road safe, and the TL1 is just the sort of high performance (and low cost) equipment that makes that possible.
Nitecore EA45S Flashlight
Making its triumphant return, Nitecore’s diecast body flashlight the EA45 is back as the EA45S – a 1000 lumen flashlight that has impeccable style with durability to match. This new version is outfitted with a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED and can now throw a beam up to 402 meters – a great light for outdoor uses such and hunting or camping. One of the best features of this light is that it runs on standard AA sized batteries, and along with its lightweight body it is easy to take on any sort of expedition on which you set out.
Olight I3S Limited Edition Keylight-Copper Body

& Olight I3S Limited Edition Keylight-Titanium Copper Body

Whats that I hear? Sleigh bells? Hooves on the roof? Holiday exclusive flashlights? That’s right! We’ve got a couple of lovely limited-time models from Olight in the form of the I3S keylight. These lights feature a beautiful copper body in two variations and make excellent gifts or stocking stuffers. With 80 lumens of lighting power using just a single AAA battery, the I3S limited edition are sure to light up the occasion for any flashlight lover.
Sunwayman M25C TI Flashlight
Another holiday exclusive, the Sunwayman M25C TI is a gorgeous titanium body light that not only looks great, it performs at the highest level of EDC flashlights with 1000 lumens of cheery holiday output. The operation of this light is handled through a convenient magnetic rotator ring, making it easy to find and use in the dark and keeping mode switching quick and intuitive. If you really want to make the holiday (heck, make the year!) of a beloved flashaholic, the M25C TI is an easy choice for a gift.
Klarus XT11 LED Flashlight
Old favorites never die, they just get an upgrade. The Klarus XT11 has always been one of the most popular and reliable models of LED flashlight, and it rises from the ashes yet again with a CREE XM-L2 U2 LED version. This time around the XT11 is pushing 1060 lumens, with a beam that reaches up to 241 meters! The body of the light is constructed from hard anodized aircraft grade aluminum and once again comes in either black or silver variations. This flashlight has everything a discriminating flashlight owner is looking for; it’s no wonder it keeps coming back!
Olight PL1 Pistol Weaponlight
When it’s time to get down to business, the Olight PL1 pistol weapon light is ready for the call to action. This compact light attaches firmly to picatinny rails on compatible pistols to create a powerful tactical weapon with bright output and defensive strobe capabilities. An integrated blue LED provides additional utility for tactical searching situations. With 400 lumens of output and an intuitive interface, the PL1 is a powerful addition to any arsenal.
Streamlight Siege Floating Magnetic AA Lantern
For camping or for emergency situations, the compact style Streamlight Siege is a AA powered lantern with more features than you can shake a stick at. This light floats, can be stuck to metallic surfaces with a powerful magnet, hung from hooks or branches or simply set in place – you can put this thing anywhere! The Siege emits 200 lumens of powerful area lighting that will keep any campground well lit and cozy. The weatherproof design makes this lantern perfect for outdoor adventures, and its compact size allows it to be stored easily in a backpack or even a large pocket!
Niteye SE-A02 EDC Flashlight
Slim, attractive, reliable. No, we’re not filling out a dating site profile, we’re talking about the Niteye SE-A02 – a compact yet powerful pen-style light that makes a great first impression. The thin and portable SE-A02 runs on 2 AA batteries and is easy to carry in a pocket or clip to clothing or a notepad; a great light for mechanics, office workers or inspection work. Now we’re not saying that an SE-A02 will snag you a hot date, but stranger things have happened.
There you go, just a taste of the great new gear we have coming out this month! Everything from great new EDCs to weapon lights and camping lanterns and we’re just getting started. It’s sale season so we’re all in for a crazy ride of hot new products and crazy deals that will make your head spin! Keep an eye out for these products and more, and be sure to check us out on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Battery Junction – Gear up, Power on!
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