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December 2015 Newsletter – What’s New at Battery Junction?

Prop that tree up, slap on the ornaments, string up the garland and most importantly don’t forget the lights! It’s December which means holiday time for Battery Junction, and that means big savings for you on all the hottest new products available from the best manufacturers of LED flashlights, batteries and portable power products. This month we’ve got holiday editions of classic EDCs that will make great gifts, along with some great value lights that are perfect as stocking stuffers. If you’re looking for a little more utility, a new series of power banks have come in stock and are ready to ship. Whatever you’re looking for in the world of lights and power, we’ve got your back with a sweet selection that is sure to brighten your holidays. Get it, brighten?
Olight S1 Titanium Edition
The Olight S1 has gone and gotten fancy on us, this time with a sleek titanium finish available in either polished or frosted variations. If it was a crime to look this good we’d have to lock these lights up and throw away the key, but since that’s not the case we’ve picked them up as a perfect holiday present for your favorite flashaholic. The S1 itself is a compact EDC with a 480 lumen output that fits in even the tiniest pocket (or stocking) and is a great choice for users that are low on space. With a powerful magnetic tail cap and pocket clip the S1 isn’t short on utility either, a great choice for an every day carry.

Niteye MS-R25 Military Edition
One of the best feelings you get when holiday shopping is getting the best bang for your buck, and the Niteye MS-R25 is the competitive buyer’s dream. This tactical style flashlight comes at a bargain price and produces a tremendous 1200 lumens using just one 18650 or two CR213A batteries. Keep in mind that all of that output is jammed into a slim body that has all the trappings of a tactical flashlight inducing an easy access strobe mode and rugged construction that was made to take a beating. And did we mention that 18650 batteries can be charged inside the light using a USB cable? Yeah, this one has it all.
Olight S10RII Baton
A sequel to a flashlight? You’ve gotta be kidding me! But this light is the Godfather Part 2 of flashlights; everything you love about the original and so much more! This high powered compact EDC is fully rechargeable and includes a battery, so no need to worry about power. The tail cap houses the S-series staple of a powerful magnet that allows you to attach the light to any metal surface for hands free lighting. On top of all that this light boasts 500 lumens of bright LED power and includes a rechargeable RCR123A battery!
Niteye MS-R26 Military Edition
A slight variation on the R25, the Niteye MS-R26 features the same bargain pricing and quality construction as its sister light but with a few variations in style. The R26 has a more classically styled body with a larger head that fits a smooth reflector for improved beam distance. This light is rechargeable so you don’t have to worry about having a charger set up – just power your battery right in the light itself! Outfitted with both a side switch and tail switch, the R26 is ready for quick tactical action and provides a blinding strobe and multiple levels of illumination.
Streamlight Strion
You want a flashlight setup that has the whole kit and kaboodle, and we’ve got one from one of the most reliable light manufacturers in the world. The Streamlight Strion is now available in an all inclusive kit that has the powerful Strion flashlight, piggyback charging system, charging cords and a spare battery. This light is perfect as a mobile work light, and the piggyback charger can be mounted at an office, shop or even in a vehicle thanks to the DC charging cable. If you’re looking to spice up your gift, this light is available not only in standard black but in a stunning and stylish pink finish as well.
Olight S2 Baton
The wait is over and the Olight S2 is finally here – a slim style EDC that combines power and portability in a sturdy aluminum body. This light runs on either a single 18650 rechargeable battery or 2 primary CR123A batteries and emits a stunning 950 lumens, top tier output from a such a compact flashlight. This is the latest addition to the Olight S series and has all of the fan favorite features including an anodized aluminum finish, magnetic tail cap and multiple powerful lighting level options.
Klarus G30
Holy guacamole, if you’re on the lookout for the best hand-held searchlight of the season then feast your eyes on the Klarus G30, a 2450 lumen flashlight that packs massive power in a tiny frame. This light is operated using a single side switch which makes it easy to use in the dark or in an emergency, and with such massive power it is sure to get you through any situation that you need to shine some light on. Solid Klarus construction rounds out the features of the G30 with aerospace grade aluminum and an IPX-8 waterproof rating.
Olight S1 Copper Edition
Just when you thought that the S1 couldn’t get any classier, along comes the S1-CU, a copper edition of one of our most popular EDC lights. The body of this light is made from a beautiful and durable copper available in either a raw copper or rose gold finish and makes a gorgeous gift for the holidays. Flashaholics will be pleased to hear that the performance of the light is unaffected by the beautification and the S1-CU still emits 500 lumens making it one of the most powerful flashlights in its size class!
Tenergy Lite3000 Mobile Powerbank
Emergency power is no joke, and the Tenergy Lite3000 has multiple functions that make it an excellent inclusion in emergency supply kits. The Lite3000 is a mobile power bank that has a 3000mAh battery enclosed that can be used to charge any USB powered devices such as tablets and smart phones. Additionally this power bank has an LED flashlight integrated on the front that can use stored power to create an emergency light when you need it. The Lite3000 is available in several colors including black, white and blue and fits in any emergency kit thanks to its slim style.
Klarus RS30
The holiday spirit is all about giving, gratitude and most importantly teamwork. And the dual headed Klarus RS30 brings two lights together for the ultimate combination of LED power that creates 2400 lumens of bright white power. This dynamic duo has a uniquely styled flat body that has a great feel to it, and its aircraft grade aluminum body keeps it safe from drops and spills. The RS30 is also internally rechargeable and is charged via a convenient USB to magnetic interface cord that you can just snap on or off at a moments notice!
Tenergy Portable Power Bank
Nothing stuffs a stocking quite as well as a mobile power bank that can power your favorite iPod or iPhone. The Tenergy Portable Power Bank charger is just that and features a 2600mAh battery that can be stored for extended periods of time for when you need to power your best electronics in a pinch. These chargers are available in black, white or blue so you can even color coordinate with your device or outfit. Let your loved ones know you care with the greatest gift of all, portable back up power for Apple devices.
Jetbeam DC-R10
The Jetbeam DC-R10 is our go-to as a choice for a high quality LED EDC on a budget. This light offers great value, 750 lumen output and the ability to charge 16340 batteries inside the light. The DC-R10 is available with or without an included battery, whichever you prefer! The DC-R10 has a compact frame that easily fits in a pocket and makes a great EDC with its incredibly high output and easy rechargeability. For a value minded pickup this holiday season, the DC-R10 is an no-brainer.
Phew, now that’s a list of hot new products if I’ve ever seen one! We hope you’re ready to cross some names off of your holiday shopping list with any of these great options available at Battery Junction. Make sure to keep up with us on social media by being our friend on Facebook, tweeting at us on Twitter or checking out our latest pictures on Instagram. Happy holidays all! Battery Junction, Gear up, Power on!
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