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indoor candle light

Tips to Stay Safe and Happy This Holiday Season!

Avoid Holiday Disasters!

With the holidays fast approaching, it is important to make sure you are taking the proper measures to avoid these common mistakes.

1. Don’t get too lit this holiday season

Holiday lit-candle

First and foremost, house fires are an all too common disaster during the holidays, especially with family and friends all gathering to celebrate. Consequently, with young kids running around, candles can easily get knocked over. To avoid a catastrophe, try using these Sillites Electric Window Candles. Not only do they look great, but your mind will be kept at ease knowing you have safe and festive illumination throughout your house.Image result for block emojiImage result for fire emojiImage result for block emoji


2. Become the master of quick fixes with the perfect multitool!

Holiday pine-tree

Loose Christmas tree stand? Trouble hanging lights? Trying to crack open a cold one only to find the bottle isn’t twist off like you thought? The holidays are stressful enough, and it is easy for one small problem to cause a meltdown. Don’t let this happen to you. With the Tool-A-long Pine Tree from UST, utilize any of the several tools to get you out of a jam. Not the tool you were looking for or have a more complex problem? Check out our wide selection of multi-tools to find the one to best fit your needs.


3. Secure large decorations with ease using our handy dandy carabiner clips and strong paracords!


Holiday Carabiner

Holiday Paracord




Need to transport trees or larger decorations with your car? Kids acting up and need to threaten to tie them to the roof rack? They should know you’re not making an empty threat. Make sure they are securely fastened with one of our handy dandy carabiner clips and strong paracords! Additionally, along with¬†being super versatile, they are able to support many times their weight. The paracord rope itself is capable of supporting up to 550 pounds! So have peace of mind knowing that nothing will go flying off your house, car, or roof rack! ūüėČ 100% kidding please don’t actually tie your children to the roof it’s the holidays.


4. Don’t get caught in the dark!

Holiday nitecore

This goes without saying, but it is always important to have a quality flashlight around or in your car. With severe weather such as blizzards or thunderstorms, power outages are even more of a threat during the colder months. Plus, the risk for black ice increases anytime you venture outside. Might I suggest the powerful Nitecore Explorer? Check out our vast selection here. More importantly, in the event your car breaks down, nothing can ruin holiday spirits more than a flat tire in the dark. Jack Frost getting the best of you? Enjoy the light you need to get the furnace up and running again. All things considered, along with a powerful strobe option, this flashlight is a must have. Always make sure you are aware of your surroundings and have a safe holiday season!

Happy Holidays from Battery Junction!

Glow in the dark Nite Ize dog collar

Dog Accessories – 5 Products your Pup will Love!

Dog Accessories you can count on.

Your dog is part of the family Рso treat them like one! Outfit your pup by giving them one of these fun dog accessories. It is important to keep your pup happy and safe this summer season.

1. Don’t let them get lost.Dog Accessories that light up and can be worn around your dog's neck like a collar.

When it’s the middle of¬†summer and everyone is outside, many pets like to run off, most of all¬†now when fireworks are being set off left and right. Check out the NiteIze NiteHowl LED Safety Necklace. As far as dog accessories go, visibility is key. Featuring a normal and strobe mode, easily spot your pet in the dark! For smaller pups, clip on a light-up dog tag right to the collar!


2. Play with them!

GSB_Feature_01_lDog accessory

Many of us are lucky to have full time jobs and are not available during the day. With the DogDiscuit light up LED flying Frisbee, you can play with your pooch even after the sun goes down. Fido doesn’t like Frisbees? The NiteIze LED Ball works just as well and shines bright with multiple colors!

3. Keep them comfortable.

Dog Accessory used to remove ticks from your pet.

In this nice weather, your pup is bound to explore in the woods or in fields. Even with special ointments and collars, ticks always find a way onto dog’s fur. Pull them off without hurting your dog with the Tick Wrangler by UST. Plus, if you’re anything like me and hate ticks, this is perfect since you don’t have to touch them with your hands!



4. Take them on a nice walk.Light-up LED Leash Dog Accessory

Nature calls and your yard does not have an electric fence. Consequently, you’re going to need to walk your pup! This is one of the best dog accessories¬†if it is dark outside. Stay safe from cars and be noticed with your Nite Dawg LED leash. You might know the rules of the road, but your dog doesn’t. Keep them safe from cars by using a light up leash.


5. Fun Dog Tags!

Have the cutest dog on the block with one of these fun dog tags! Easily clipped onto your dog’s collar as an added safety measure, the benefits of this go far beyond a normal dog tag. Not only do the NiteIze ClipLit tags come in fun and unique shapes, but they also light up in a multitude of colors making your dog easily identifiable to yourself and others.

Dog Accessories - Dog Collar clip in red flower design. Dog accessories - dog tag clips right onto dog collar - blue peace sign designDog accessory clip for dog collar - earth pattern.



Furthermore, when you’re outside at night with your dog, it is important to carry a flashlight with you. The Nitecore MT1C is perfect for that as you may take it out Powerful Nitecore MT1C Flashlight perfect for when you are outside with your dog at night.
in the rain, it features a lanyard attachment if your hands are full, and it is small enough to fit inside your pocket! Plus, as an added extra, it has a strobe mode to scare away raccoons and other animals that might bother you!





Relax and Help Beat the Heat with Cool Gadgets!

Based on the heat wave this these past few days, it is safe to say summer has officially started. Relax! Need some help on keeping cool? Battery Junction has the solutions to all of your problems!

Don’t let your drinks get cold!


If it’s 85 degrees and sunny, you definitely want to head to the beach to get your tan on.¬†Though it can be¬†nice to relax and lay out in the sun, it is also dehydrating,¬†and you’re going to want to enjoy¬†a nice bottle of cold water at some point. Beat the snack bar lines without ever leaving your chair with the¬†the Wagan 7 liter personal cooler (and warmer)!¬†¬†With the capacity to hold roughly 9 cans ( 7 liters) of space, this cooler will allow you and your friends will be able to enjoy cold beverages throughout the day. Need more space? Check out our vast selection of other coolers¬†here.

Staying out of the sun?

Bottle Opener, Relax

If you’re one of those lucky souls who has a working air conditioner, it you can¬†simply relax indoors with some friends and crack open a few cold ones. Don’t get caught without a bottle opener.¬†Introducing the Mil Spec 25mm bottle opener¬†from MikeMikeART. Using genuinely fired rounds from war machines, this bottle opener makes for a fantastic conversation piece, as well as a useful tool when you wish to enjoy a cool drink. Standing at an impressive 8″ tall, it can open bottles without difficulty.

Keep your devices going when you travel to cooler climates!

power bank

Traveling to beat the heat? Don’t let your phone battery die! Check out the Tenergy Dual Port USB Power Bank.¬†Whether you are left without wifi, or spend hours taking photographs of your beautiful vacation, your device’s batteries are going to drain. Recharge with 8000mAh high capacity that lasts through over 500 cycles! In addition to this, the Tenergy Power Bank is portable and convenient. It gives you the peace of mind knowing you’ll never be without a source of power. Plus, the power bank offers dual USB ports so you and a friend can charge devices at the same time!

So, wherever you’re going, you can always count on Battery Junction to assist you in your endeavors to beat the heat. ¬†

Let us know what you do to keep cool, comment below!

Surviving Post-Grad Life

Now that it’s almost June, many seniors have graduated from college and are heading out into the world on their own for the first time. While living on your own without mom or dad may seem a bit daunting, we here at Battery Junction can help you out!


Possibly¬†the biggest challenge you will face is having¬†to cook on your own. ¬†It’s Monday afternoon, you have run out of food in your apartment, and you realize that you need to take a trip to the store or risk starvation.¬†After you’ve mentally psyched yourself up to go grocery shopping, you go to take your bike out when you realize just how dark it’s gotten. It’s not safe to ride your bike now, you don’t have reflective clothing! If only you could light up your bike so cars would see you. Good thing you have your SpokeLit LED attachable bike lights!¬†Cars can now easily spot you down the road. You can now take that much needed trip to the store¬†and¬†successfully line your shelves with the proper amount of snacks, pasta, chicken, and TV dinners.

Going Out

It’s Friday night and you’re ready to explore your new city. After checking out the latest yelp reviews on a restaurant down the block that you’ve been eyeing, you decide to call a friend to grab a nice dinner. You deserve it from all of the cooking you did this week. Putting together your best outfit, you are about to walk out the door when you steal one last glance at yourself in the mirror. “I look fantastic,” you say, grinning, as you give yourself one last look over. Your eyes come to a rest on your ears. The smile slides off your face as you realize just how dull your jewelry looks in the light. You’re already running late so you quickly remove your earrings and head out, upset that your perfectly composed outfit didn’t work out. Don’t let your night get ruined again. Always look your best and get the¬†GemOro Sparkle Spa Pro!¬†With the cleanest and shiniest jewelry, you’ll be the talk of the city!

Staying In

One of life’s greatest tests is having to make the tough decision about whether or not to go out every night.¬†On those evenings where you decide to stay in and save your money, your goal is to achieve maximum comfort. As you are lounging on the sofa, you try not to think about all of the meetings you have at work tomorrow. You put on a nice movie to distract yourself when all of a sudden the power goes out! Immediately you try to locate a light source. Phone light? Battery is dead. ¬†(How could you let your phone die. Grab a charger.)¬†Candles? Your apartment complex bans them. Flashlight? Perfect! I must have one of those!¬†You fruitlessly hunt¬†around your apartment only to have a dark thought crosses your mind:¬†You don’t have a flashlight.¬†¬†After sitting on the floor¬†for several minutes reflecting on how you managed to survive this long on your own, the power miraculously returns. Immediately, you hop onto google to search our website for our vast selection of flashlights and settle on the¬†Nitecore MH20 Rechargeable Flashlight.¬†Lightweight and portable, you will never get caught in the dark again!