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Sunwayman V11R in a man's hand


V11R EDCLast week, we highlighted the SOG Micron 2.0 folding knife in our first-ever EDC shoutout. Much of what we love about that handy little blade is seen in the SUNWAYMAN V11R: minimalism, durability, and ease-of-use.

When it comes to flashlights, there is a whole world of features and accessories to fit a wide-range of users. From UV beams, to self-defense strike bezels, you can have a modern light fitted with just about anything. But for every day carry gear, you want more simple offerings. The ideal EDC flashlight will be compact, bright, and adaptable – the V11R is all of the above.




At only 3.3 inches long, and weighing only 2.3 oz (With a CR123A battery installed) , the V11R fits easily in any pocket without getting in the way. A removable pocket clip and lanyard add a variety of carrying options, and a hard-anodized aluminum body means its tough enough to withstand the rigors of every day use. What I like most about the V11R is that it doesn’t feel like a such small light. When you hold it with your thumb on the tail-switch, your’re not struggling to keep your grip.


Thanks to modern technologies like LED’s and lithium batteries, small doesn’t mean dim. The V11R can reach up to 570 lumens, meaning its way brighter than those full-sized paper-weights you’ll find at the hardware store.  A textured reflector offers a dispersed beam pattern ideal for flooding a wide area with light, and a tempered glass lens is durable and scratch resistant, while maximizing the output of the XM-L U2 LED.



The feature that stands out most with the V11R is the magnetic ring interface. Turn the light on by clicking the tail-switch, then adjust the brightness by twisting the ring at the bezel. As you rotate, the light dims gradually, from the 570 lumen turbo output, to a 1 lumen ultra-low output. The ability to stop the brightness exactly where you need it means this light can be whatever you need it to be. Searching the camp site for fire wood? Crank up the output and scan the forest. Looking for the key hole to your front door? Dim it down and save your eyes.

The V11R is a perfect every day carry flashlight. Its rugged construction and impressive output mean it may be the last one you ever buy, making its sub $80.00 price-point a true bargain. You can order the V11R here for the lowest prices and best customer service!




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5 thoughts on “EDC Shoutout – SUNWAYMAN V11R

  1. I’m a big fan of the V11R as well – I picked one up from you guys when they first came out. A bit later, my buddy showed me his Nitecore EC-1, which also seemed to be a great light. Being a bit of a flashlight junkie, I bought one of those as well.

    The Nitecore has more bells and whistles than the Sunwayman. It’s a bit more compact, but not quite as streamlined. I ended up carrying the EC-1 more frequently than the V11R. But – the one irritating thing about the EC-1 is that it drains batteries way too quickly. Even when you put it in electronic lockout mode, it still sucks the juice out of either disposable or rechargeable CR123s. The only way to avoid that is to unscrew the base cap a turn or two and completely break the circuit – this is awkward and annoying!

    So – I think I’m going back to the V11R for my EDC light. All the features you mention are true in my experience as well. The only thing that I think might have improved the light a bit would be to have made the magnetic adjustment ring just a hair larger in diameter. It’s hard to figure out exactly what to turn for adjustment by feel alone, and I’ve found myself unscrewing the bezel at times.

    1. Thanks for your input Mike! The EC1 is another light I’m sure we’ll take a close look at in the future. I can see what you’re saying about the adjustment ring being a little larger, but personally I wouldn’t have them alter the feel of this light at all!

    1. Quality gear is worth every penny! I’ve been struck in the woods with a 10 dollar flashlight that shorted out after a little moisture got to it. It’s no fun having to light your way around the tent one match at a time. If you’re just bopping around the house, a cheap flashlight could be perfect for you, but if you’re going to be relying on your light to keep you out of the dark in harsh conditions, or carrying the light every single day, these lights can’t be beat. IPX-8 water resistance, hard-anodized aluminum, mineral coated glass lenses, and circuitry designed to sustain big outputs set these lights apart from the bargain brands in a real way.

  2. Hmm I’ve been eyeing this little torch for some time. I stated collecting EDC palm size lights for a while now. This one I may have to add to the list.

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